Jonathan Ward


Jonathan was one of those actors that was all over TV in the 80′s… and no one really remembers!

In the early 80′s Jonathan did a few TV movies like Maid In America, and was also on a couple of Afterschool Specials type programs.  In 1984 Jonathan starred in the first season of the TV series Charles In Charge as Douglas Pembroke, the middle child in the family.  This was in the original version of the show … the one that aired on CBS and before it went into first-run syndication.  This version of the show with Jonathan was a completely different show with a different cast (except for Scott Baio and Willie Aames) than the one most people think of when they think of Charles In Charge.


After Charles In Charge was cancelled by CBS, Jonathan made a TV movie and an episode of The Twilight Zone before appearing in the short-lived series Heart Of The City along with Christina Applegate before she went on to big fame in Married… With Children.

In 1987, Jonathan starred in the two of the projects that he is probably best known for: the feature film White Water Summer alongside Kevin Bacon and Sean Astin, and the television series The New Adventures Of Beans Baxter.  Jonathan starred in the title role of Beans Baxter, which was an early FOX sitcom.  Beans was a mid-western teenager who moves to Washington with his family, and becomes a spy.  You can probably see why it lasted only 17 episodes.  Jonathan did win a Young Artists Award for his role though, so at least he was good in it!

In the late 80′s, Jonathan appeared in 2 movies that I can really remember him in: Mac And Me and Steel MagnoliasMac And Me was one of those ET-type movies with the alien creature crashing on Earth and becoming friends with a kid, all while the government tries to hunt down the alien as the family tries to save him.


In Steel Magnolias, Jonathan played a small part as one Julia Roberts brothers, but I can definitely remember noticing him in that movie.

In the 90′s, Jonathan continued acting for awhile mostly in TV movies and some guest-appearances in various shows.  By the end of the 90′s Jonathan retired from acting.

Noah Hathaway – Red Tank Top

Noah was always hugely popular in Germany, probably starting with NeverEnding Story which was filmed there.  Well, West Germany at the time!

He was always a big star in Japan, like several other western stars were before like Mark Lester, and a few were later like Edward Furlong and Brad Renfro.  He appeared in a bunch of Japanese fan magazines throughout the mid 80′s, and here are a few pics that were popular around then!

Chad Allen


There is a lot about Chad Allen to admire.  Besides his acting work, Chad has spent years fighting for gay rights and against HIV/AIDS.  He also has spoken opening about his past drug addiction problems and worked to help others overcome their own difficulties with meth and other drugs.

In addition to all that, Chad is also going back to college!  Last summer Chad was in the news when he was present during a shooting at Santa Monica College where 5 people were killed.  He had been studying there and preparing to go to UCLA to study psychology.  It’s an inspiration seeing someone like Chad with a long successful career pursue something like a college degree.  It just shows that it’s never too late to try something new and go back to school!

Fred Savage


So I read that The Wonder Years is FINALLY going to be released with the original music!  That’s good, because watching it with the replacement music has been a little lame.

I streamed a few episodes, and the show holds up still unlike some other 80′s shows, but without the original music it’s just not the same.  It will be good to see Fred and everyone again with everything intact!  My all-time favorite episode has to be “Good-Bye” where his math teacher Mr. Collins dies.  It was kind of sappy, but in a way that I like.

David Faustino is 40

I missed it the other day, but on March 3rd David Faustino turned 40!  Kind of hard to believe, but Bud Bundy is 40.

When you see an actor on a series still heavily shown in reruns the way Married With Children is, but don’t see much of him today…. it’s a little startling to imagine he’s 40!  And wonder where the time went!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jared Rushton (from the movie Big), and David all turned 40 this week.  Does anyone else feel a little old?  Here’s a couple pics of David from a couple years back…


Faustino147 Faustino154

C. Thomas Howell


I was reading today about how C. Thomas Howell was one of the two finalists to play Marty McFly in the movie Back To The Future.  It’s pretty hard to picture anyone besides Michael J. Fox playing the part, but it is cool imagining how it would have been with Tommy Howell playing it!

C. Thomas Howell was always one of my favorite actors growing up, but I’m having a hell of time picturing how he would have said…”You made a time machine… out of a DeLorean??”  His career probably would have gone in a completely different direction too if he was in Back To The Future instead of that fiasco of a movie Soul Man!


Two At A Time

I always liked when fan magazines had pics in them of two celebs together.

Usually it was co-stars or 2 members of the same band, but sometimes it was just a couple of guys who were hanging out together.  Either way, it was always cool to see them together!


Lukas Haas


Lukas was born April 16, 1976 in West Hollywood, California.

Lukas was the go-to actor for the sensitive kid in alot of 80′s movies.  His first role was in the 1983 movie Testament.  He plays Scottie, the youngest kid of a family who (at least initially) survives a nuclear attack.  He eventually dies of radiation poisoning.  Those nuclear holocaust movies of the early 80′s like Testament and The Day After really scared the crap out of me when I was a little kid!

He went on to stardom appearing in bigger roles in the movies Witness, Shattered Spirits, Solarbabies, A Place At The Table, Lady In White, The Wizard Of Loneliness, The Ryan White Story, See You In The Morning, and Music Box.

Lukas kept acting throughout the 1990′s and beyond, and also is a musician.  He is a member of the band The Rogues, and has also contributed music to some movie soundtracks and other artists albums.

Mackenzie Astin


This is very 6 Degrees of Separation, but today I was watching a few episodes of Lost with Matthew Fox.

That got me thinking about Party Of Five.

And then I thought about 7th Heaven, because Andrew Keegan played a recurring character on both shows.

And I remembered Ruthie was played by Mackenzie Rothman, and that made me think of Mackenzie Astin!  My mind is weird.

So Mackenzie Astin pics…


New Kids On The Block


New Kids On The Block were by far the most popular young vocal band on the 80′s.  There were of course “boy bands” before, or vocal groups like Jackson 5, The Osmonds, and New Edition – but New Kids On The Block were the biggest of the 80′s and into the early 90′s selling over 80 million albums!

The New Kids On The Block were formed in Boston around 1985 and are comprised of Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight, and Jonathan Knight.

Their first self-titled album wasn’t too successful, but their second Hangin’ Tough really got them going.  Five Top 10 hits were released from the album: “Please Don’t Go Girl”, “You Got It (The Right Stuff)”, “I’ll Be Loving You Forever”, “Hangin Tough”, and “Cover Girl”.


Their next studio album (not counting the Christmas album) was Step By Step which also had some Top 10 hits including the Number 1 monster hit “Step By Step”.  I can still picture this video in my head and I haven’t seen it in years and years!

By this time though, New Kids were SO overexposed it was ridiculous.  They had their own comic book and Saturday morning cartoon to go along with every item you can image with their picture of names on it.  “Step By Step” was a huge international hit and was on the radio every 5 minutes it seemed like.  By this time, you just couldn’t take any more of them.

For their next album in 1994, they shortened their name to NKOTB, probably so they wouldn’t seem like “kids”.  The album Face The Music, didn’t do well.  It wasn’t really their fault musically, but they were just so overexposed by this point only the most die-hard fans wanted anything to do with them.  Plus the musical styles were changing with Nirvana and Pearl Jam leading the grunge sound and there was no way NKOTB was going to be taken seriously as a hip hop act.

They may not have always been taken seriously by some people, they did make some good music and were definitely huge selling over 80 million albums worldwide!

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